Game Day Cauliflower

Prep Time


Prep Notes

Wash and chop cauliflower and green onion. Chop 1 package bacon into small-med size pieces

Cooking Time



6-8 servings


2 - Large Heads Cauliflower (Preferably Organic)

1 - Package Bacon (Preferably No Added Nitrate/Nitrites)

2 to 3 Handfuls of fresh (loose) Green Beans

1 Tablespoon Grass-fed Butter

1/2 Cup Chopped Green Onion

1 cup Grass-fed Cheese

Salt to taste ("Real Salt" brand or Himalayan)

Pepper to taste

Garlic Powder to taste


1. Cook bacon in pot or large pan on stove.

2. Once bacon is cooked, remove, and set aside.

3. Leaving bacon grease in pot/pan, add cauliflower, green beans, and spices mixing well.

4. Add bacon, green onion, and mix well. Let mixture cook until veggies reach desired tenderness.

5. Top with cheese.



Be sure to use high quality bacon for healthy fats from the bacon grease. Same goes for the butter and cheese - Grass-fed only!

Other variations/options:

- Add chopped bell pepper (any or all colors)

- Add chopped asparagus

- Finish with Greek yogurt